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Demystifying the health, logistics, professional on demand and education sectors

Health Joiib med

Bringing health to communities and large metropolises with safety and speed is our mission using the power of technology.

Services Joiib pro

Accelerating the on-demand industry of service professionals generating new job opportunities for a stronger economy.

Logistics Joiib log

Assist the delivery logistics network for carriers and self-employed drivers to share fleets and goods in large cities.

Education Joiib edu

Providing quality education to underprivileged children around the world is our life mission, education for all.


Technology company with the mission of leveraging the logistics of professionals from different sectors. Joiib defends three essential values: speed, innovation and social impact.



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Services, Transport, Delivery logistics, Health, business and professionals

Joiib is your one stop destination for all urban lifestyle services. Hire local professionals available 24 hours a day to do the things that matter in your life. Your shopping cart services, with price estimates and reliable professional services, will be shipped to your location within the selected time frame.

On-demand mobile platform, Joiib uses Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology to better understand your needs, offering a wide range of services, including transportation logistics and healthcare.

We are building more than products. We are building stronger local economies and communities. Joiib is about skill, haste and the victory of getting things done – not your looks, who you love or what you believe. Joiib is for everyone.

We make communities stronger!

Service industry

Why we focus on the service industry?


Digital health is largely driven by the need for better patient care, faster and more accurate disease analysis, and on-demand access to medical data. Blockchain healthcare technology will accelerate innovation in healthcare that started with the inception of artificial intelligence (AI).

Joiib med uses Blockchain technology to guarantee healthcare providers the privacy of medical records. Medical records can be secured to patients when written on a blockchain. Thus, its accessibility is limited to those with the private key generated during encryption and storage on a blockchain.


When it comes to high-paying jobs, one often gets the impression that only doctors or lawyers can make a lot of money. However, a tradition that is changing.
There is an increase in demand for practical skills across the world.

In the past, people relied on the traditional word-of-mouth method to find a professional on demand. Requirements are changing and people are hiring via GPS. What makes hiring so easy is that the history of tradition can be seen in reviews from past clients.

Joiib pro is a mobile platform that allows consumers to outsource their tasks by being able to explore the services, set a schedule of when the work needs to be done and a budget for the work is generated.


Digitally inclined companies identify the positive aspects of technological innovations and their decisions are impacted by digital enhancements. Technology-enabled supply chain entities / freight forwarders compete with large shipping conglomerates to improve business.

Joiib log will increase transparency and decipher shipping quotes, helping to book air, ocean and land freight, process documents for shipping and customs , pay shipping fees and perform real-time tracking of international shipments.


We remember schools as buildings with huge buildings and many classrooms. The biggest investment in any educational institution is infrastructure. Schools are sometimes located in the heart of a city or away from the hustle and bustle of the subway.

Now, all this can be eliminated with the introduction of the digital education process. For many students from hard-to-reach or low-income areas, it is a dream come true to study courses at the best universities. Joiib edu is a platform that creates virtual classrooms helping to accelerate education.