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Joiib med

How to book an appointment

  1. Open the Joiib med app.
  2. Go to Appointments.
  3. Select “Book Appointment”.
  4. Verify your insurance plan, name and date of birth as it appears on your insurance card (if you’ve already done this, the app will skip this step.)
  5. Select an appointment type.
  6. Enter the reason for the appointment (this can be a symptom, condition, or another reason, such as needing to review your blood test results.)
  7. Request a translator, if needed.
  8. Select the date and time of your appointment.

Once the appointment is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email and you will see the appointment in the "Confirmed Appointment" section. Make sure all notifications are turned on to receive the incoming video call.

Can I book an in-person appointment through Joiib med?

Yup. All our appointments are carried out virtually and in person. Your healthcare provider will advise you if an in-person or virtual consultation is required. You can choose the type of consultation and refer it to a suitable external provider closest to you.

How can I book a Behavioral Health appointment?

We are making improvements so you can schedule a Behavioral Health appointment directly from the Joiib med App. For now, if you would like to schedule a behavioral health consultation, please contact our support team at + 1 408-690-4774

Can I choose a female or male healthcare provider?

Yes, our app does filter providers by gender, but all available providers will appear in the Joiib med app and will have their gender listed next to their name. If you would like to schedule with other criteria in mind, feel free to call our support team at + 1 408-690-4774 and a representative will assist you.

Can I request to have the same healthcare provider each time?

Yes, you can choose to book with a provider you have seen before by booking an appointment in the Joiib med app. This resource is available for general and primary care medical consultations.

If you would like to schedule behavioral health consultations, please contact our support team at + 1 408-690-4774 or email [email protected].

If I can’t attend my appointment, how can I cancel or reschedule?

If you can no longer attend your appointment and still want to speak with a healthcare professional, you can schedule a new appointment with the Joiib med app. You can cancel your old appointment by following these steps:

1 Open the Joiib med application

2 Go to Inquiries > Confirmed or > Recent

3 Go to your appointment

4 Tap Cancel Appointment > Confirm Cancellation Reason

Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection before your appointment, if it's virtual.